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77.- Sequential mapping of game patterns in men and women professional padel players

Por Diego Muñoz Marín|2024-02-28T10:28:15+01:0028,02,24|Publicaciones|

This study analyzed the sequences of actions in professional men and women padel players to identify common game patterns. Methods: The sample comprised 17,557 stroke-by-stroke actions (N = 1640 rallies) of the championship World Padel Tour. Multistep Markov chains were used to calculate the conditional probabilities of occurrence of actions during the rally...

76.- Analysis of Off-the-wall smash shots in men´s and women´s professional padel

Por Diego Muñoz Marín|2024-02-25T19:12:01+01:0025,02,24|Publicaciones|

our aim was to analyze the characteristics of the off-the-wall smash in men´s and women´s padel, and to compare gender differences in the set-dependent frequency of these shots. Study sample: through systematic observation, we analyzed 441 off-the wall smashes from the Final Master of the 2022 season of the World Padel Tour...

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