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73.- Differences in performance parameters between winning and losing pairs in men´s and women´s professional padel

Por |2023-11-15T10:59:06+01:0015,11,23|Publicaciones|

The study aims to analyze the differences between winning and losing pairs depending on the sex and the round of the tournament in professional padel. A total of 814 matches (438 men and 376 women) from the draw rounds of eight World Padel Tour Open and Master tournaments played during the 2022 season were analyzed by systematic observation...

72.- Differences between genders and competitive levels on technical-tactical parameters in padel: Implications for training

Por |2023-11-08T09:31:24+01:0008,11,23|Publicaciones|

Padel is a complex racket sport with a wide variety of technical actions and tactical possibilities. The aim was to compare the duration of the rallies, the number of shots, the shot frequency and the shot frequency between elite and amateur padel players of different genders, which is necessary to guide the training process...

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