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19.- Analysis of performance parameters of the smash in male and female professional padel

Por |2021-10-06T22:50:27+02:0025,09,20|Publicaciones|

The aim of this study was to analyze the distribution and effectiveness of the different types of smash in professional padel according to the area and direction of the strokes and the gender. Through systematic observation,  1.015 smashes from eight finals (four men’s and four women’s) of the professional matches were analyzed. The smashes were categorized...

18.- Analysis of serve and serve‐return strategies in elite male and female padel

Por |2021-10-06T22:51:27+02:0024,09,20|Publicaciones|

This aim of this study was to analyze serve and return statistics in elite padel players regarding courtside and gender. The sample contained 668 serves and 600 returns of serves from 14 matches (7 male and 7 female) of the 2019 Masters Finals World Padel Tour. Variables pertaining to serve...

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