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65.- Análisis de los remates finalistas en pádel profesional

Por |2023-07-31T10:13:39+02:0031,07,23|Publicaciones|

El objetivo fue analizar las características de los remates finalistas, a través del instrumento validado OASP, según su efectividad en pádel profesional y según el género de los jugadores. Para ello se analizaron 806 remates finalistas de 42 partidos masculinos y 29 femeninos...

64.- Analysis of performance indicators in outdoor vs indoor professional padel

Por |2023-07-31T09:05:53+02:0031,07,23|Publicaciones|

The aim of this research was to analyse the differences in performance indicators between outdoor and indoor professional padel tournaments according to the gender of the players, the round in the draw, the set number, and their result. Performance indicators (winning break points, errors, winning shots, winning smashes. . .) of 942 sets...

63.- Performance analysis in padel: a systematic review

Por |2023-07-06T08:44:30+02:0006,07,23|Publicaciones|

The aim of the study was to carry out a systematic review of the most recent research on performance analysis in padel. An electronic search was made in four sport science databases: Web of Science, Pubmed, Scopus and Google Scholar. Systematic review principles were used to identify and select studies following inclusion and exclusion criteria. From a total of 261 articles identified in the initial search, 27 articles were included in analysis, all dating from after 2018...

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