Fitness benefits of padel practice in middle-aged adult women

Courel-Ibáñez, J., Cordero, J.C., Muñoz, D., Sánchez-Alcaraz, B.J., Grijota, F.J., Robles, M.C

Science & Sports, 33: 291-298.

Año 2018


This study aimed to quantify and compare the physical fitness condition and body composition in two groups of adult women (35—55 years old): sedentary (n=30) and padel players (n=30). Physical fitness assessment included static balance, upper-body muscular strength, lower-body muscular strength, abdominal endurance, lower-body flexibility and aerobic endurance. Body composition measurement included stature, height, body mass index, hip and waist circumference, skin-fold thickness and percentage of body fat. Women padel players get a better fitness conditioning, particularly in abdominal endurance (P < 0.001; d = 4.40), vertical jump (P < 0.001; d = 2.42), one-foot balance (p < 0.001; d = −1.80) and cardiovascular fitness (P < 0.001; d = 2.02). In addition, it was observed a lower waist (P = 0.024; d = −0.60) and hip circumferences (P = 0.015; d = −0.66) and lower thigh skinfold (P = 0.044; d = −0.54) compared to the sedentary group. In conclusion, regular padel practice is recommended for middle-aged women adults to improve fitness condition and body composition. Future research to develop physical activity interventions through padel to preserve the health of sedentary people from this group of age is warranted.


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