Type of diet and sports supplements in padel players according to level of competition and sex

Toro, V., Muñoz, A., Zoido, A,. Sánchez-Alcaraz, B.J., Grijota, F.J., & Muñoz, D.

Nutrients, 15, 3633.

Año 2023


Padel is the world’s fastest growing racket sport. However, the analysis of the intake of sports supplements in padel players is scarce. The aim of this research was to analyse and compare the type of diet and the use of sports supplements in padel players according to their competition level and sex. A total of 123 players (94 men and 29 women) participated in the study. Subjects were divided according to their sex and competition level. All participants completed an anonymous questionnaire on diet type and nutritional supplement intake. There were differences found in diet type between competition levels. Regarding players’ sex, differences in the number of supplements consumed were reported (p < 0.01). Relationships were found between the number of supplements ingested and the perceived effectiveness of supplements with frequency and time of training (p < 0.05). Creatine in men (≈15%) and vitamin complexes (≈10%) in women were the most used supplements. Lower level padel players do not adapt their diet to the physical demands of padel. Male padel players use a greater number of supplements than female padel players. It is important that nutrition specialists advise players to control diets and supplement.

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