Analysis of the actions of net zone approach in padel: Validation of the NAPOA Instrument

Escudero, A., Muñoz, D., García, J., Ibáñez, S.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, 2384.

Año 2022


To carry out research that analyzes performance indicators through observational methodology, it is necessary to have validated tools. The purpose of this study was to design and validate a tool to ascertain the characteristics of the strokes that padel pairs use to reach the net and their consequences in the two subsequent shots of the game. Eleven experts, who had to meet four of the five inclusion criteria established by the researchers, participated in the process. Aiken’s V coefficient and confidence intervals were used to analyze content validity and Cronbach’s α coefficient to calculate reliability. The adequacy and wording of the sixteen variables initially designed were evaluated. Four variables were eliminated due to obtaining values <.90 in Aiken’s V coefficient inadequacy. The rest of the variables were modified in their wording, according to the qualitative evaluations of the experts, or were considered correct. The reliability of the instrument was acceptable (α = .89). The NAPOA instrument is novel, as it is of interest to analyze the characteristics of the strokes that padel players use to achieve the offensive position.

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